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Q1: Are you a manufacturer or a trader?

A1: We are a reputable manufacturer with our own factory established in 2014. With a decade of dedicated development, we have earned a strong reputation in the domestic market. Our success can be attributed to the combination of competitive pricing, top-notch quality, and extensive experience in the field.

Over the years, numerous domestic companies have chosen to collaborate with us, recognizing our commitment to excellence. They rely on us to provide high-quality pressure transmitters, which they then export to international markets. In response to this growing demand, we've expanded our operations by forming a dedicated foreign business team in 2020. This team is focused on directly selling our premium pressure transmitters to customers in foreign markets.

Q2: How can I choose the right pressure transmitter?

A2: Please tell us the detailed requirements, including accuracy, pressure range, temperature, etc. So we can recommend the right pressure transmitter for you.


The catalog will be sent to you upon request to learn more about our products. Please feel free to contact us.

Q3: Can I get the samples?

A3: Sure, please tell us the model and quantity of samples, and we will prepare it for you as soon as possible.

Q4: How can you guarantee the quality?


1. Raw material: Our supplier has cooperated with us for 10 years and all the materials will be inspected before it goes into storage. If there are any problems, we will return back.

2. Strict quality system: We have a professional QC team, that will inspect the goods in production and before shipment.

3. Free-change service: We will provide free-change service if there is any quality problem because of us.

Q5: Can you accept OEM?

A5: Yes, we can accept OEM.

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